Street Trash

Street Trash is the ultimate "Melt Movie," and for a 1987 low budget film it sure does hold it's own. The movie follows the fates of fellow homeless people that are sold a liquor gone bad, Called "Tenafly Viper." The liquor was discovered in a crate hidden in the basement of a neighborhood liquor store, but due to the new owners thirst for money and the hobo's continuing thirst for liquor, anyone who drinks will meet a bitter end. The consequences of drinking this highly expired tonic is a dissolving of the entire body, leaving the victim as nothing more than a pile of goo. If you buy the original 1-disc DVD from Synapse Films you actually get two replica "Tenafly Viper" sticker labels, so you can make your own "Tenafly Viper." This would be perfect for a movie night with your friends. There is also a 2-Disc DVD release, also from Synapse films, filled with DVD extras galore. You should definitely check out this film!

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