The Slumber Party Massacre: Review

While her parents are away, 18 year old Trish Deveraux, throws a slumber party with three of her closest girlfriends. They plan on a harmless night of popcorn, magazines, and girl talk, but with the recent escape of mass murderer, Russ Thorn, their slumber party will be anything but!

While not the best film of the genre, Slumber Party Massacre does have its share of greatness in my book. It’s cheesy, very tongue-in-cheek, and is totally 80’s! The story is simple: Girls parents are away for the weekend; a mass murdered is on the loose; girl has slumber party with closest friends; a few guys crash party; mass murderer shows up and begins to murder teens one by one. That’s pretty much it.

Russ Thorn, the mass murderer, obviously develops a fixation on Trish Deveraux the morning he sees her walking to school. To show his love for her, he starts to murder every friend she has. If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is. His weapon of choice is a very large, cordless power drill, which is an obvious “Phallic Symbol.” There’s a scene towards the end that supports that.

One of my favorite scenes in the film is the scene where Trish and the guys open the door for the pizza man, only to discover that his eyes have been gouged out. As he falls inside, they drag him inside and lock the door. Truly, a classic scene to remember!

I have watched this film countless times, and I’ve noticed a few things about some of the characters. Sure, maybe I’m looking a little too closely, but I have come to some interesting conclusions:

Coach Jana - I picked up on several aspects that led me to believe that Coach Jana was a lesbian. First of all, she’s a female coach (Not that all female coaches are lesbians, but it fit’s the stereotype). Second, she’s having a “Female Carpenter” build her some book shelves, and install her “Peep Hole.” Plus, I couldn’t help but notice the carpenter give Ms Jana a “visual once-over.” Third, she locks her “Pussycat” in the closet; which to me symbolizes her closeted sexuality.

Neil (Jeff’s Friend) - I really felt like he was in love with Jeff. There was just something about the way he looked at him. Plus gets behind Jeff and puts his chin on Jeff’s shoulder as they are peeping in on the girls. He also intervenes and says the ever-so gaily line “Your number is zzzero” when Jeff is trying to pick up on Mary the telephone repair-woman. I guess Mary wasn’t woman enough to take his man!(Wink)

Courtney (Trish’s Lil’ sis) - She likes to look at “Playgirl” magazines, while eating “Banana’s.” Could young Courtney be practicing meat-sword swallowing, I mean she HAS been beating off boys since the fifth grade? ;P

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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