Shredder (2003)

This film opens with a skier being chased by a darkly dressed figure on skis. When you think the fleeing skier has escaped, a cable mysteriously springs up and decapitates the fleeing skier, giving us a gory view of a severed head with blood spurting out from the stump that was once a neck. We then cut to Kimberly Van Arx and her rich friends getting read to head up to an old ski lodge that her father is purchasing, the same ski lodge where a horrible accident took place years earlier. Could it be the same ski lodge where the man at the beginning was just decapitated? No, really?!! When the friends arrive, they begin to "Shred" on their ski boards, they seem to be having the time of their lives when things go awry. Soon dead bodies turn up, they are shot at, threatened, cold, and wet. Will they survive?

This film has low budget cheese written all over it and if you read other reviews of this film, you will notice that lots of people hate it, but it has some fans as well. I liked it, because I have an open mind for cheese, I am most definitely NOT part of the "Cinematically Lactose-Intolerant" crowd. It isn’t' the best film that I have seen, but it isn't the worst either. To me, it's fun and would be a great type of movie to play when your having a get together with your "Horror-Fanatic, Open Minded" friends, whether you actually watch the film or not. Just walking in from another room to see the kills from time to time would be good enough. Every film will have both it's fans and it's haters. Which one will you be?

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