Popcorn (1991)

Maggie, a university film student, is having dreams in which she cannot explain. Those dreams seem to have escaped into the real world when her film class decides to host an all-night "Horrorthon." They discover a film in a canister marked, "Do Not Open," of course they do and when they screen the film, Maggie starts to match similarities between the eerie, unknown film with her dreams that she can't explain. The film is called "The Possessor" by a dead film nut with a macabre past, by the name of "Lanyard Gates" who was thought to have been killed in a theatre fire many years prior. As the all-night Horrorthon goes underway, things mysteriously start happening and Maggie is convinced that Lanyard Gates is the cause of it all. Could she be correct, has Lanyard returned to exact his revenge?

I can't say enough about this film. While it isn't an 80's film, this cult favorite sure appears so. When I first saw this YEARS ago, it instantly became my all-time favorite film, but was later pushed down the list, as all my favs have been, by other horror discoveries. There's a vintage movie theatre in the film, the place where they are hosting the "All-Night Horrorthon," and that instantly sparked my interest. I love old-time movie theatres and think that they need to be brought back to some extent. Modern Movie theatres just don't have the same thrill and history that older movie theatres did, the newer generation may disagree. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and live and run a movie theatre just like the one in this film...it was my dream. I guess one could say the love for film has always been in my blood. This film has an ending that you don't see coming, which I love. It also has Dee Wallace-Stone in it, whom you may remember from Cujo & countless other horror films. She is a major horror veteran, in fact I find it hard to list all of her movies without using IMDB as a source...their are just so many! In conclusion, I just adore this film, and I rate it easily 4.5/5 stars, you should definitely pick it up and see if you don't love it as well!

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