Nightmare Man

Ellen Morris receives a creepy mask and afterwards becomes attacked by an evil force she calls the "Nightmare Man." Her husband Bill doesn't believe her and insists that she is crazy and must seek help. As Ellen & Bill are on their way to the mental hospital, their car breaks down and Bill leaves fragile Ellen alone, so he can go get gas. After she see's Nightmare Man appear before her, and her certs that she calls medicine are no longer helping, she runs frantically through the woods to a remote cabin of friends. The moment that Ellen steps inside, she changes the lives of the cabin of friends in a way that they never imagined. The ending has a shocking twist that I didn't see coming. This film is somewhat reminiscent of "Evil Dead" and Dario Argentos "Demons." It is directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, whom you may know from "The Hazing," which is another work of his, also starring Tiffany Shepis. Overall the movie was pretty good, once the storyline got started I was completely engulfed. If you go to Tiffany Shepis' website you can buy it, autographed by her, directly from her ONLINE STORE. Go out and pick it up today.

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