Night of the Creeps

Peach flavored..I mean "peach colored" aliens release an experiment into the atmosphere that makes it's way to earth. When it crashes, a couple thinking it's a comet go to investigate where they think it may have landed. The experiments container breaks and a leech-like organism flies into a mans mouth. We then flash forward to the cheesy 1980s, with their big hair do's, that are now hair don’ts, and the outfits that make you think "What the hell were the designers thinking?!" Two dorky friends are attempting to complete an initiation task so they can join a fraternity only to impress a girl. During the process of stealing a body for the initiation, the cryogenically frozen body of the man infected the the alien organism, they chicken out and run, failing to return the body. With the body out of the cryo-unit the organism escapes, infecting everything that it encounters, turning it's hosts into zombie incubators.

I can't believe that this film still hasn't been released on DVD, it's such a fun 80's film! I mean what’s not to love about alien leeches incubating in a humans brains and turning them into brainless zombies?!! This film has everything from the guy who played Bubba on the Mama's Family TV show, to zombie dogs and cats, it doesn't get any better than this!! The director, Fred Dekker, whom also directed "The Monster Squad" has spoken of the film and how they are trying to eventually get it released. I remember when I first saw this film as a kid, I thought this film was the most awesome and tubular film ever! (Yes I said tubular back them, ha!) Hopefully someday this film will get a proper DVD release and the modern cinematic, spoiled generation of today can experience this 1980s gem of cheese!

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