Murder Set Pieces

Murder Set Pieces is a sick and twisted horror film by director Nick Palumbo. It depicts the life of a serial killer (Played By Sven Garrett) with the taste for: murder, torture, rape, murdering children, and eating human flesh. It got many harsh reviews from movie critics and I think that is mainly due to the subject matter. It is the most realistic portrayal of a serial killer that I have ever seen and that unnerves people, most people don't want to be made aware of the morbid reality that we live in. Another reason is due to the fact that Lionsgate released it "Edited," keeping viewers from seeing it in it's true form. Director Nick Palumbo later decided to re-release it himself, fully uncut and that, my dear horror fans, is the version to buy. This film isn't for everyone, it is truly disturbing. I rate it 3.75 out of 5. Nick Palumbo is leaving the horror genre and heading toward the thriller genre, he is selling his Fright-Flix company name and site, so if you are 18+ and want to get this film, head on over to Murder Set Pieces.Com and order your copy today, before it's gone forever!

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