Motel Hell

You will never think of "Mystery Meat" in the same way again after watching this film. This film is a 1980 Horror-Comedy about a brother and sister, Vincent & Ida, that run a family business selling the best smoked meats around. What exactly makes their meats taste so good? Could it possibly be the secret blend of herbs and spices? Or maybe it's the human flesh added in that gives it that special flavor!

When I first saw this film, I watched it on TNT's "Monster Vision" with host Joe-Bob Briggs and immediately fell in love with it. It is now out of print and a remake is in the works. However if you have a Multi-regional DVD player you can buy it HERE in Region 4 Pal format for only $9.95. This easily ranks as one of my favorite films, it's funny, its gross, and everything in between.

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