Hellbent is a slasher film about a masked killer that decapitates gay men with a hook-shaped knife and keeps their heads as souvenirs. I suppose he's confused as to what "Getting Head" actually means, because he's going about it all wrong! We follow Eddie, a sweet, kind-hearted guy who wants to follow in his Dad's footsteps and be a cop, but can't pass the test because he has a glass eye. He and his friends attend a Halloween carnival in West Hollywood, filled with beautiful people dancing and music galore. Their night turns deadly when they become the masked killers next target, who will survive the night?

I enjoyed this film, a few of the characters really got on my nerves with their arrogant, holier than thou attitudes but that's reality, those people DO exist! The characters were well written and those that I did like, I connected with and were pushing for all the way. This film has an abundance of gore, a good story line, a few good scares, and shows the many different sides of the gay community. In the end though the movie falls flat, I was really disappointed with the ending, I feel that if the movie had been given more closure in the end, then it would've been a lot better.

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