This book features work from the Award-winning photographer Tim Palen, who created the artwork for the Saw & Hostel films, as well as the infamous Eli Roth Giganti-Penis pic. When I saw this book online, with it's gory cover and Styrofoam meat tray, I knew I had to have it! It is a hardcover book and the pages are high-gloss stock, much similar to the pages in your high-school yearbooks. It isn't as great as some of the other books that I have purchased, i.e.: Crystal Lake Memories, in fact it is a little over-priced when held in comparison to it. With CLM you get a lot more photos and info than you do in GUTS. However, GUTS is a different kind of book, a coffee table book for the horror lover, and will always have a permanent home in my book collection. It's now available on Amazon once again, as well as Baby Tattoo and is becoming highly collectible. It isn't for everyone apparently, fore I have read a few negative reviews, but I really liked it.

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