Flight Of The Living Dead: Review

When a deadly, genetically engineered virus is accidentally released onboard a transatlantic flight to Paris, a slew of unholy terror is unleashed. A scientist on the run from the CIA manages to smuggle a contaminated body on a commercial overseas flight; turning the plane into an incubator for a growing army of the undead. With a zombie invasion spreading through the cabin, only a handful of passengers remain to fight off their fellow infected travelers and land the plane before it is too late.

You can sum up this film as follows: Snakes On A Plane - Snakes + Zombies = Flight Of The Living Dead.

Even though “Snakes On A Plane” had horrible CGI created snakes, I liked the film. I’m not ashamed to admit that it really got to me because I HATE snakes, so the spine-chills were very much present, bad CGI or not. I didn't pay any attention to the various bashing reviews, and I have actually known people to bash the film, and criticize me for liking it, without having seen it themselves! Having liked "Snakes On A Plane," and with my overall love of Zombie films, I pretty much expected to, at least, like this film.

Did I like this film? Yes. But it doesn’t go very far beyond “Like.” The film definitely had its flaws; If you have yet to see the film and are planning to, I have composed a “List of Annoyances” that really drug the film down for me.

List Of Annoyances:

Jackie is an dumb, annoying, psycho-bitch.
Anna is a rude bitch.
Peter is one of the most dumb, and annoying jock-type characters ever! (Passing a football on a plane = DUMB )
The zombies scream like pterodactyls.
Apparently Zombies are too dumb to figure out how to unfasten their safety belts. Oh Stewardess?!!
There is a major lack of common sense among those on the plane! ( I.E: Firing a weapon inside a plane = BAD IDEA!)
The flooring of a plane would have to be stronger than it is portrayed in this film. If it weren’t then it would not be safe. Hence, it’s not made out of cardboard!
I refuse to believe that a Nuns legs would rip off so easily.
Even zombies would implode after falling from a plane.

The zombies in this film, are your 28 days later - Olympic running - virus-induced, types. Only in this film they ARE actually dead.

With all of its flaws it is still better, in my opinion, than the remake of “Day of The Dead,” which isn’t really saying much.

I did like the intro to the film, and the film was shot well. It maintained my interest and didn’t bore me, but it just didn’t have a huge wow factor, probably because it is so similar to “Snakes…” and therefore I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. I liked it, but it won’t go on my list of absolute favorites. It had more negatives than positives.

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