Dr.Giggles: Review

Years after the death of his father, Dr. Evan Rendell Jr (AKA Dr. Giggles) escapes from a mental hospital and heads back to his hometown of Moorehigh, to exact his revenge on the town that murdered his mentally ill father. The residents of Moorehigh find themselves under the demented care of a psychotic wannabe doctor…of death.

A stomach pump of death, a deadly nasal examination, strangulation by a "sphygmomanometer" (Device used to measure blood pressure), and lethal injections are just a few of the deadly treatments practiced by this maniacal Doctor. His treatments are no where near practical, but the Doctor isn’t known for his kind bedside manner.

The cast contains many well known names: Holly Marie Combs (Charmed), Larry Drake (Darkman II), and the late Glenn Quinn (Roseanne) are just a few.

This film is ’LOADED’ campy humor, but with the title of “Dr. Giggles,” you can pretty much expect that! One of my favorite scenes is when one of the male characters, Stu, is trying to score with his girlfriend Dianne. Stu enters the bathroom to slip into something a little more “Safe.” While he’s “getting dressed,” Dr. Giggles kills his girlfriend and slips into his bed. Stu returns expecting his Girlfriend to be “ready for love.” He slides up through the covers, only to discover the demented Doctor laying where his girlfriend is supposed to be. Dr. Giggles then says in a very soft voice, “I hope you have protection,” while pulling out his sharp scalpel. We then hear a loud scream and cut back to a sheet covering Stu’s missing, bloody, private parts. Talk about whacking off, lol!!

You definitely have to watch this film with a ‘sense of humor,’ otherwise you will not enjoy it. This was one of my favorite films as a kid. It’s a lot more campy and cheesy than I remember it being, but I still enjoy it. Needless to say, If I hadn’t originally seen it back then, I doubt I would like it as much as I do. I suppose some things were just mean’t to be.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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