Demons 2

Sally is having a birthday party and everything seems to be going wrong. She can't get her hair to cooperate and her wardrobe is malfunctioning. (Just not to the degree of Janet Jackson’s!) She becomes drawn to a TV show about Demons, so drawn that she turns into one. As she infects her fellow friends and party-goers a Demonic rampage ensues and no they are not searching for extra party plates! The tenants battle for their lives in this gore-filled, action packed, masterpiece!

Demons 2 Trailer

A friend gave me this film on VHS in middleschool, I watched it religously. It was an ex-rental, with it's worn cover and flawed video, but I loved it all the same. I own the first two, as well as the "Demon Mask" from the first film, but have yet to see the others. Demons 2 will always be my favorite though.

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