Dead Boyz Don't Scream: Review

What begins as a simple, artistic all nude-male, photoshoot quickly turns into a horrific nightmare as a group of Body-beautifuls find themselves the target of a vicous killer. Unlike the photographer, the killer plans on taking more than just a photograph.

Basically, this film is a low budget, tongue in (Butt) cheek, horror film with more full-frontal male nudity than you can throw a stick at. It was released by Sharpshooter Studios, and unlike their other works, this one is a little more tame. I didn't find it any more graphic than some other R rated horror films, it just had way more male-nudity. The most graphic scenes were: A group-rape scene, a urinating from a balcony scene, and a castration scene. Other than those particular scenes, and the male nudity, it is a typical low-budget slasher-flick.

Chances are if you have the desire to see this flick, you are not going to care about the less-than-Oscar-worthy acting, or the cliche storyline. No, The only thing that is going to gain your interest is the male nudity, and there is plenty of that. Zack Vazquez fans are treated to him jumping around on a pogo-stick in the buff and so much more.

As far as humor, this film sure has it. One of the most ridiculous and hilarious lines in the entire film is when one of the female characters yells, "You broke my brand new pussy!" And she's not talking about a porcelain cat either.

Overall I rate this film 3 out of 5 stars, only for the fact that it gives the ladies and gay gentlemen an eye full of what the typical slasher-flicks do not..nudity. As far as being a cinematic masterpiece it isn't, but no one watching this flick will be paying any attention to, or having expectations of, that.

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