Crystal Lake Memories

Crystal Lake Memories is a must have for any horror fan. It is the "bible," if you will, to all Friday the 13th fans. I hate to sound like The Oxy Clean commercials guy, but I absolutely LOVE this book. The amount of info that author Peter Bracke has crammed into this book is amazing! This hardback book is ridiculously large (12.1 x 9.5 x 1.2 inches) and contains 320 pages of: over 500 never-before seen photos, rare archival documents, production materials, and so much more. The pages are high-gloss stock, somewhat like the pages in your high school yearbooks.
If you are a fan of Friday the 13th, you MUST own this book! I wish horror films like: Return of the living dead, the living dead films, as well as so many others would get on the ball and put out books of this caliber! Go to AMAZON and get your copy today, if you haven't already.

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